The Spring Swayers Dance

As a prelude to Spring and in celebration of the romantic season, the Hobbitry and friends present the first annual Spring Swayers Dance! 

February 24th, 2024
7.00 PM GMT/2:00 PM server time
Highlaw Lane, Talerthy, Lyndelby Homesteads

Event details:

Join us for an evening of mystery and intrigue, revelry, and good cheer, with music from our special guests, the Brandy Badgers, and us Bullroarers!

All guests should dress up and wear a mask. Towards the end of the evening, we will invite hobbits to unmask and reveal their identities!

OOC details:

This is a hobbit-preferred roleplaying event.

You can create an anonymous hobbit alt to keep your identity a mystery until the end. However, as this is a roleplay event where identities are expected to be hidden behind masks, we encourage you to treat any masked hobbits as mysterious strangers until revealed in-character to truly experience and fully immerse in the roleplay. Please be willing to ignore in-game giveaways like hobbits' overhead names and names in /say to embrace the masqueraded encounters.

How to get there

The Lyndelby Homesteads can be accessed via Bree Broker's Office in the southern part of the city (31.4S, 51.2W).

Join us at Highlaw Lane in Talerthy, in the Lyndelby Homesteads (see map below).


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