Black Stamp Bounties Bounty Brokerage Black Stamp Bounties Mixed
Bramblebury Band Band Hobbit party music Hobbit
Bramblebury Gazette a newspaper Your best source of independent Shire news Hobbit
Eriador Players Acting Company Playing all sorts of stages, and all types of performances! Drama, comedy, improv, or scripted! Mixed
Guild of Artisans and Traders Guild A guild for the workers of Bree-Land Mixed
Lindamar Ensemble Original elvish themed and inspired music Elven
Longleafs Musical duet, storytelling, poetry Ballads, jigs, old world Hobbit
Shire Shenanigans A grouping of Hobbits and Hobbit-friends. We accept all kinds here as long as you have a way to be in the Shire! Mixed
The Chosen Few Band Everything that keeps ya foot stomping, slow,fast, jigs, ballads, weird, upbeat... you name it,we play it... Mixed
The Heartbeaters Dwarven Band with dwarven lyrics Mainly Reggae - but all other kinds of music, too Dwarven
The Honourable West Company of Commerce Merchant joint-stock company "Supplying demands since the first man alive" Mixed
The Pied Pipers Band Various, everything we play is newly arranged by Firefern, resident composer. Hobbit
The Shades Band Ballads and uptempo songs. All written by Achazia, Eovina and Abergar Mixed
The Stonecrop Herald Newspaper The Stonecrop Herald brings you news from all over Middle Earth! Mixed
Andúnië Band Melodic music appropriate to Middle-earth, arranged or composed by our members. Elven
The Dragons Lair Pub A pub acting as a front from criminal activities Mixed
The Merchant's Guild Political/Trade An advisory body of Bree-land's merchants tasked with consulting the Mayor on matters of trade. Mixed
The Network Criminal Organisation A criminal group looking to promote organised crime Mixed
The Order of Hammer An Order within the House of Vanimar Order of Hammer is the elite heavy infantry of The House of Vanimar. Elven
The Rolling Kegs Band We play a very wide range of styles, including rock, folk, classical, pop, blues and jazz. Also silly! Dwarven
Barefoot Bootleggers A Band Forrin' music and tributes to the good ol' days Hobbit
Ramblin' Rascals A Band Merry tunes and songs inspired by The Shire Hobbit
The Aleford Band Band Jigs, Reels, Hobbit dances, Funny songs, Serious songs, with a Distinctlive Aleford twist! Hobbit
The Crazy Ladies of the Forest Band Music that touches the Heart Mixed
The Songburrow Strollers Band Folk-inspired, jigs, reels and ballads Hobbit
The Traveling Bilberries Band a diversity of styles Hobbit
Hobbit Heart Hobbit Musical Ensemble Ballads and songs from the Shire and beyond Hobbit
Pudding Riot Band World Music, Stork Music, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Jigs, Reels, Drumming and really anything we fancy. Hobbit
Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band band inactive Mixed
The Crimson Pit Arena, Pit-fights Arena,fight-club Mixed