Dwarven Caravan Market

Come one and all to the Dwarven Caravan Market! This is a Dwarven-themed RP market event that will take place EVERY Thursday at a different trading settlement along the major trade route used by Dwarves to get to their mines in the Blue Mountains. This trade route will take the Dwarven Caravan Market through Thorin’s Hall, Gondamon, Needlehole, Bree, Ost Guruth, Rivendell, and Gloin’s Camp. And every market will have a unique RP situation to connect it to the context of a wider Middle-Earth. So come and join the Dwarves of Durin's Folk as they travel upon the open road in order to bring wealth and prosperity wherever they go!

February 22nd, 2024
3 PM Server Time
Needlehole, the Shire

Event details:

This Week’s RP Situation: Recently there has been yet another dispute between the Longbeards and the local hobbits at Needlehole. The Quick Post service was late in its delivery of an important package of the Longbeards. The Longbeards insist that the Postmen of the Quick Post pay them a fine to serve as recompensation, but the Postmen refuse to pay it, as they insist that the delivery was only late because of Dourhand sabotage. As often is the case, the Dwarven Caravan Market has been once again unofficially tasked with easing tensions.

OOC details:

A few OOC details to consider:

1) This RP event will take place during a POST-war timeline. So for the most part for this RP event we will be assuming a timeline that is up to date with what is going on in the game plot wise.

2) Anyone is allowed to attend as a vendor should he or she want to. And the exchange of in-game items as a vendor in the market is OPTIONAL. Though this is first and foremost a RP event, so if you aren't a RPer you probably would not enjoy attending.

3) If you need help getting to one of the markets when it is hosted in a higher level area, please contact one of the officers of Durin's Folk for help getting there.

4) All races are welcome!


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