A Telling of Tales with Lord Tallow

At last, after long months of travel and great deeds and terrible hardships, the Lord Nicthalion Tallow himself is come to Bree-land!  And now, the honest and simple folk of Combe are to be blessed with his presence...

February 26th, 2024
4pm server time
The Comb and Wattle Inn, Combe (meet outside)

Event details:

Here thee, here thee!


Aye, come here to Combe, I say, for the Event of the Year!


For one night only, the legendary, the grand, the noble, the gallant, the dashing, the skilful, the quick, the clever, the modest, the humble, the appropriately appellated, the heroic, the man, the myth, the legend, the one and only, the real and actual and not an imposter this time, the gallant, the indescribable, the wordsmith, the fairly good, the Lord of Tallow, the war hero, the hero at other things too, the jolly good fellow Lord Nicthalion Tallow himself, will be in Combe!  Tales will be told, songs will be sung, drinks will be drunk, and mysteries will be unmystified, as the tale of the Age is told by the taleteller of the Age!


Some among you, mayhap perhaps have happened to hap upon the deeds of Lord Tallow, for verily are they sung across the land, aye, from North to South, even from Trestlebridge to Herne.  But never before until now have you heard the tales told by the man himself, by the great Lord Tallow!   Bring your children, bring your parents, bring your coinpurses, fill your coinpurses before you bring them, to celebrate the life and deeds of the greatest man ever to live, Lord Tallow.  Would you leave a war hero destitute and penniless in the streets?  Nay, of course not!  So come, join Lord Tallow for food and feasting and fun and flagons of fine wine, and so you, too, may die content knowing that you met the great Lord Tallow himself, and thus was your meagre life bettered!


Monday evening, on the balcony outside the Comb and Wattle Inn.  No Refunds for Any Reason.

OOC details:

Some information to consider if you would like to attend:


- For obvious reasons, this event will be post war.  Though we won’t set an exact date, it is certainly post Scouring of the Shire, and not more than five years after the War of the Ring (ie, whatever political control Gondor has over the North remains somewhat nebulous and unsure at present, and it is plausible that few people in Bree-land know much about what came to pass during the War).

- Anyone, of any race, is welcome to attend.  However, consider why your character would be there…and what they would (or wouldn’t) know.  There can be great fun to be had if some PCs possess more knowledge than the hapless Tallow…or if they do not, but can spot a liar when they see one.  But the joy of Lord Nicthalion Tallow is that some people likely do believe him…or even if not, are sufficiently entertained by him to overlook his more egregious exaggerations.  And even if your character was present in Gondor or Rohan during the war…how much do they really know of the events told by Tolkien?  There is, ultimately, no right way to approach an event like this - simply consider what your character would and would not know, and how they might reasonably react when confronted with a figure like Nick.

- Please feel free to send me a mail on LA for further details or information.

- The event will start around 4pm server time, and hopefully go for a few hours - with any luck, this will allow Europeans to get to bed at a reasonable hour and Americans time to hop on (latecomers are, of course, very welcome).

- Mr Elessar will regrettably not be in attendance.


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