Durin's Folk Charter Ceremony

Witness the dawn of a new age for the Kinship of Durin's Folk!

March 3rd, 2024
15:00pm servertime
The Hall Under the Mountain, Erebor

Event details:

After a long and exhausting journey, the Dwarves of Durin's Folk finally arrive at Erebor. Their precious cargo lies safe in the kinship vault: an exact replica of the legendary necklace Nauglamir, made of mithril and set with the Eye of Scatha, an ancient Stoutaxe heirloom. This new necklace, the "Eye of the Seven" as it has been named, shall serve as king Thorin's chain of office. In return, he shall sign his name on the new charter given to the Kinship of Durin's Folk, to guide it and give it purpose for a new age.

The forging of the Eye of the Seven is a long tale, and doubtless it will be told many times over the frankly extravagant feast that is to follow the ceremony. But it is a night for friends of all races to celebrate the achievements of the age. And with new beers already brewing, and the ovens warming up for the occasion, we shall celebrate in style!


The schedule is as follows:

Retrieval of the necklace from the vaults (Durin's Folk Members only) - 2:30pm 

Arrival in the Hall Under the Mountain and ceremony of Charter-Signing - 3pm

Feast at Harnkegger Hall - 4pm


Friends of the kinship from any race are welcome to attend!

OOC details:

This event will be IC and take place before the war of the ring. However, to allow all possible characters to attend, we'll only refer to the King Under the Mountain by his title, and won't bring up the current time. All are welcome to attend in character.


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