Chronicles Of Durin's Folk

Authored by those of Durin's Folk who lived through these events; Compiled by Master Scholar Rakul Ravenbeard
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At the behest of the Scholar's Guild, Durin's Folk living in Ered are encouraged to record or dictate their part in the great history of Dwarves. Copies of this Chronicle will be forwarded to the Archives of Erebor.  

Chronicle Summary

Tales of love and war, & the great adventures of Durin's Folk in Thorin's Halls, Ered Luin, during the leadership of Uzbads Kandral and Hosgrim. 

Chronicle Content

Here follows the history and related tales of Durin's Folk and our allies among the Firebeards in the Blue Mountains, from Thorin's Halls during the reigns of Uzbad Kandral Strongbeard, and Uzbad Hosgrim Ironbeard. 

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