12th Annual Grand Elven Ball Menu

As the tradition has it, we have specialities from many Elven areas; Lindon, Lothlórien and of course only the best local treats from Imladris. The food is cooked by Telpenaro of Nargothrond, a passionate farmer and a chef and some by lady Inyahin.

Guests will find a selection of food on the tables, free for them to take.


Welcome Cup

 ⚜ Warm drink made of red wine, lingonberry juice, anise, cinnamon and vánillë.



 ⚜ Bread: Fresh, still warm selection of bread from the oven.

 ⚜ Selection of spreads: Butter, herbed sour cream, paté, thin cuts of venison loin and air dried ham.

 ⚜ Selection of cheese: From Telpenaro's cellar.

 ⚜ Soup: Vegetable soup with yellow carrots, barley, herbs and cream.

 ⚜ Seaweed Fish Rolls: Salted and thinly cut fresh salmon, rolled into dried sheets of edible Lindon seaweed with oats, salmon caviar, cucumber and seasonings. Topped with roasted sesame seeds.

 ⚜ Oysters of Lindon: Oysters imported from the divers of Lindon, brought alive to Rivendell with a great care. Fresh, slightly sour creamy sauce with dill to garnish them with if desired.


Main Course

 ⚜ Meat: Tender, slow roasted boar with pepper, sage, onion and white wine.

 ⚜ Fish: Flamed salmon, grilled slowly near the fire with sea salt.

 ⚜ Shellfish: Grilled crayfish tails with lemon and garlic.

 ⚜ Poultry: Roasted pheasant with white truffles, thyme, persley and celery.

 ⚜ Vegetables: Pie with chanterelles, penny bun mushrooms, chervil and chives.


Side Dishes

 ⚜ Salad: Green salad with lettuce, watercress, fennel, pears and chestnuts.

 ⚜ Dressing: Lemon based, herbed salad dressing.

 ⚜ Fruit: Selection of fresh fruit from Telpenaro's greenhouse, including melon wedges.

 ⚜ Potato Spheres: Small round balls of potato fried golden in butter.



 ⚜ Dorwinion and wine from Limael's vinyard with Sogadan's assistance.



 ⚜ Cherry pies: Baked by Inyahin, with her own delicious recipe.

 ⚜ Pastry tower: Small spherical puffs, filled with cream and tied together with caramel.

 ⚜ Honey cake: Baked with mallorn honey, into the shape of a honeycomb.

 ⚜ Giant Cake: Lossepië


Upon the change of seasons Yavanna gives her last fruits and the nature gets its first shining veil as it prepares to rest. This very large oval cake shows the scenery with a colourful foliage, and the fruits have not been touched by the frost as they are lovingly picked from Telpenaro's greenhouse. It's made of apples and cherries, whipped cream, merigue buttercream, sponge cake, cookies, confections, and pastry puffs.