Telpenaro Isillassë

Name Telpenaro
Warden of Lothlórien
Born in First Age
Currently Imladris, but also has a home in Caras Galadhon and formerly in Nargothrond
Outward Appearance

By a glance it is clear that Telpenaro is a strong elf of medium height - though his body is rather used to being agile like a fawn in woods, than like a rock in the way of crashing waves. His preferred weapon is a spear.


Like his body, his eyes are fast and shine with pale greenish shade of grey, reflecting his heritage and his memories. His long hair is of the light shade of silver, often braided or tied back somehow, so it stays in order in his long travels. He mostly likes to wear silver and turquoise, though no matter which colour his uniform was, he wears it with pride.


Despite his high age he can still be fast in his movements if he so wants, and is able to disappear off view of unfriendly eyes swiftly. It looks like he hasn't taken any sides in the families that he comes from, or he has rather creates a mix of their traditions.


He has experienced both times of great joy and times of great loss, and yet he still has preserved his sense of humor. He can either be solemn and serious, showing his loyal heart and high age, but also joyous, youthful and lively, even to the point of jesting.


Name meaning: Telpenaro ("silver flame") Isillassë ("moon leaf")
Place of birth: Nargothrond

Telpenaro's father was one of the Noldor who served king Finrod Felagund, the king of Nargothrond in the First Age. Once Finrod was in one of his visits of friendship to the Laiquendi of Nandor (Green Elves) in Ossiriand and Telpenaro's father was present in the meeting. Thus his father met his mother, who was a Laiquendë.

Despite them being different, they also were the same in spirit. It was strange for his mother to live in Nargothrond at first, but she learned the ways. Besides the ways of Noldor from by his father, Telpenaro also learned a lot from the ways of Nandor from his mother, and both skills that would prove to be essential for his survival in his later days.

When he grew up he became strong in body and loyal in mind, and had a silver hair for which he got both of his names. He also became one of Finrod Felagund's guardians following his father's footsteps, and from Finrod he learned a lot about the importance of Free People needing to stay together - else the Dark Lord (back then Morgoth) would get what he wanted. He saw the legends unfold in Nargothrond, and he has seen Barahir, Beren, Lúthien and Túrin with his own eyes, having mixed experiences of Men.

When Finrod left for his own quest to help Beren, Telpenaro wanted to join him in it, but his parents foresaw that things might go ill and persuaded him to stay at home. Their worries proved right when the beloved King and all his ten Elven companions met their own ends under the imprisonment of Sauron. Later on Telpenaro still remembers the day when he stayed home, and how he narrowly avoided his own death by bending to the will of his parents.

After the loss of Finrod and in the era of Orodreth he left the guard, but learned the craft of smith to still serve the guard in another way. Like many smiths who had taken time to hone their craft to perfection, he took a great joy in the work.

Later when Nargothrond was sacked, he was one of the few that managed to escape as some of the servants of the House of Finrod, along with Gildor Inglorion. After that he took no refuge from other realm such as Gondolin, but remembering his mother's skill he became a wanderer and a warden of the wilds. What comes to his parents, they were lost and Telpenaro is not sure of their fate, but all the same he believes that they died in the sacking.

Much later a word reached his ears that Galadriel, Finrod's sister was now ruling in Lothlórien and he started to look for the land. In there he was welcomed as one of Finrod's long lost kinsmen, and he started to serve as one of Galadriel's wardens. In there he felt at home at once, because Noldorin and Wood-Elf heritage both had their influence there.

Still, he has not felt that he belongs anywhere in particular in Middle-Earth, and yet a bit everywhere. He carries a strange but beautiful silver pendant with him given by Finrod, which holds in more memories than the eye can see at first. He could yet serve someone once more before he leaves to the West, and the pendant would hold in the new chapter in his story.

Loyalty but also independence, travelling, fortresses, woods
Survival, love for Middle-Earth, house of Finarfin
Loyalty is a sword with two sharp edges, but I want to remember all the good things that came from it.

Telpenaro's Adventures

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Telpenaro's Adventures

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