Turuhalmë: Remembrance of Things Past

Turuhalmë (Quenya, "log-drawing") is an event held at the winter solstice, in which Elves cast our long memories over the past and share tales, poems, and sometimes even songs about the joys and friends we remember

December 22nd, 2023
2 pm /servertime
The kinhouse of Lósengriol: 5 Waterbank Road, Dor Aglaren, Falathlorn Homesteads

Event details:

Who: Members and friends of Lósengriol
What: After a day of romping in the snow, we will go inside, light a fresh log from the Tale-fire, and tell tales -- sometimes in the form of songs or poems, as the teller wishes -- of friends fallen and memories of the past. The emphasis is on the warmth they brought us, as we invoke these memories at the beginning of the long, cold season of rhîw.
Where: The kinhouse of Lósengriol, indoors where it's warm

"...that was the day of Turuhalmë or the Log-drawing. "Twill be a fitting day,' saith Lindo, 'for the sports of the morning in the snow and the gathering of the logs from the woods and the songs and drinking of Turuhalmë will leave us of right mood to listen to old tales beside this fire.' ...and the company from Mar Vanwa Tyaliéva went into the snowy woods to bring back firewood on sleighs. Never was the Tale-fire allowed to go out or to die into grey ash, but on the eve of Turuhalmë it sank always to a smaller blaze until Turuhalmë itself, when great logs were brought into the Room of the Tale-fire and being blessed by Lindo with ancient magic roared and flared anew upon the hearth."
Book of Lost Tales,
p. 260.

OOC details:

Contact Manadhlaer, Branalph, Glinthir, Glorfingwë, or Daeritheos in game. This event will be considered to be outside of our normal roleplay timeline, so that any characters the player wishes to come on who are still away on our journey RP are free to join us for this evening. 

Manadhlaer, Branalph, Daeritheos, Glinthir, Glorfingwë

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