the grand yule market

All welcome to the Grand Yule Market! Merchants flock from near and far to an area between Yondershire' the shire and Cadolan ((Represented by the Kingstead mead hall)) to sell their wares. You are welcome too! For travellers bring coin, and coin brings happiness for the canny merchant. This is the grand yule market's second year holding it.

December 9th, 2023
7pm GMT 8PM CET and 2pm server time
(2 COLT ROAD LITWICK, ROHAN KINGSTEAD HOMESTEAD) on the borders of the shire and Carolan.

Event details:

Like last year the Dwarves and Hobbits have come together to plan a grand Yule occasion. Sinti Snowbeard is expected to make an appearance, and while for some he brings cheer and gifts, a certain Zabad of Trade is anxious to get him behind bars... what could possibly go wrong?

Join us for an evening of festive cheer! ((Do read OOC details below))

OOC details:

First, setting the location:

IC takes place on the borders of the shire and Cadolan and also Yondershire in the part where the land is flat and after the war of the ring.

How to get there:

Simply visit the housing broker office in Bree, speak to the Kingstead Housing Broker, scroll down to Litwick and tour any house that is free. From there it's a short ride to the market! Alternatively, use the far-reaching stables in any homestead. The mead hall is in the centre of the homestead on a small hill.

What to do there:

Have fun



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