Mereth Nethlad, the Feast of Welcoming

With the coming of spring, a wind of change is sweeping the lands.  Newcomers of all peoples can be seen arriving in the towns and crofts and villages, and the spirit of hospitality demands greeting and welcome to all.

Therefore, Lady Seregrían of Torech Besruth is pleased to announce that Bar-en-Acharn shall host Mereth Nethlad, the Feast of Welcoming, and invites all friends and companions both far and wide to attend and enjoy rollicking fun and welcoming to these lands!

March 2nd, 2024
2PM Server Time
Torech Besruth (#5 Waterbank Road, Torn-en-Aduial, Falathlorn)

Event details:


  • The Welcoming (in the Courtyard by Her Ladyship);
  • Merry Meetings (Chance-meetings throughout the event);
  • The Feast (an outdoor-feast RP event hosted by the members of Bar-en-Acharn, the feast being prepared by the House Steward, Master Cutch Crane);
  • The Revels (A concert by the House Ensemble led by Master Ingrasion; followed by Open-mic bardic and minstrels, and dancing on the lawn);
  • The Contests (There shall be riddle-games, party-favors, and sundry);
  • The Bear-pit (One-on-one sparring contests);

Revelers are asked to check their weapons, but pets are welcome.

Dress is Casual/Semi-formal

OOC details:

(OOC:  On Saturday, 3/02 at 2PM Server Time, House Bar-en-Acharn will be hosting an open RP event at their kin house, located at #5 Waterbank Road, Torn-en-Aduial, Falathlorn.  This is an open-RP event for all character races and classes, with Open Mic for minstrels and story-tellers, and a open sparring event.)

Seregrian, Cutch, Appleciderblossom,

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