A bit too much wine

Orlenne is once again at her desk, slightly intoxicated. She muses, thinking about how she got into this state and her hand is rather unsteady, her handwriting quite scrawled.

Today started out normally enough, just sitting in the big room of the inn, sewing away. I am quite pleased with my progress on Eaerthryll's dress, it is coming along nicely. No more bloodstains thank goodness. Several people were about the inn, one of who's clothes were in a very sorry state of affairs, rips and tears all over the place and I am quite sure I spotted some bloodstains on them. I decided to be forward, put down the dress I was sewing and approached him, commenting on the tears in his clothing and saying I could mend them for him for a small fee. He asked how much, so I boldly told him seven silvers. He agreed, much to my delight and went off to change. When he came back, he handed me the pile of clothing and seven silvers and off I went to mend them. It did not take very long, not above an hour. But the cuts were rather unusual, as if a sword had made them. None of my affair however. When I was done, I handed the clothes back to the man, who had waited. We left each other on friendly enough terms and I was headed back to the fire to continue on Thryll's dress, when Welten was suddenly beside me. Telling me I should watch out for that man as he was 'bad'. He also told me that he was responsible for the state of the man's clothing. Then as suddenly as he had appeared he was gone again, and I took up Thryll's dress again.

I had just decided to take a break when who should come along but Thryll herself. I was very pleased to see her, she was looking as radiant as always. She does know how to bring out her looks to the best advantage. I suppose being rich helps. I for one am very grateful she is. Without her, I would most likely be on the streets! She greeted me kindly enough, asking for a progress report on her dress, and I showed her how far I had come. She seemed very pleased and offered me a drink. So I packed up the sewing and put it in my room, then went to join her at a table. She had bought us each the largest goblet of wine I had ever seen. I took a small sip. It was the best wine I have ever tasted in my life. Not that wine has come my way very often, but nothing I have ever had before can compare. Before I knew it, I had drained it and was nearly giggling like a little girl!

We did have fun. A man was standing against the wall and Thryll suggested I ask him for a commission. I was feeling very bold I can tell you, so I walked straight up to him and asked him if he would not like to be wearing the latest fashion in Bree? He nodded, seemed rather constrained under my scrutiny, folding his arms, then asking what I meant. I offered to make him a cloak, a black, hooded one, as so many of the men of Bree are currently wearing. He asked my price and after a bit of thought I said ten silvers, to which he agreed. Then up comes Thryll, having also had quite a bit of her wine and starts making suggestions for the cloak. Flowers, dye it purple pink or red. Looking deeply into his eyes, she proclaimed the cloak should be blue, to suit his eyes. We could hardly contain our laughter. I tried to be serious, but it was so difficult. The man did not seem to mind, though insisted the cloak should be black and after a while we all went to sit at the table together, with new goblets of wine.

The next phase is rather muddled in my head. The man had told us his name, Seaver and we told him ours. He was becoming rather more friendly and even laughed with us at some of Thryll's more outrageous proposals to the cloak, such as adding lace or a flowery border. At some point Bearn arrived and Seaver left, having business or somesuch. The rest of the evening is a haze of laughter and fun and something about an Iron Cow? I find myself sitting here, writing before bed, not quite sure how I got here.

Orlenne shakes her head to herself, smiling in mild amusement, before closing the book and getting ready for bed. Her scissors have been left in the pocket of her dress.