Legacy Archive

Legacy People

People from Laurelin's past.
Anonymous Rosellyn Hobbit Deleted
Kynaston Kynaston Man Deleted
Ahnnai Ahn'nai Daedagnir Elf Deleted
Alyl Alyl Man Deleted
Elenissiel Elenissiel Elf Deleted
Kittley Kittley Seal Man Deleted
Calairion Calairion of Himling Elf Deleted
Casandria Casandria "Cas" Thornwell Man Deleted
Angollorion Angollorion Elf Deleted
Gilorien Gilorien of Ossiriand Elf Deleted

Legacy Kinships

Kinships from Laurelin's past.
Residents of Cliving Man Disbanded
The Crows Man Disbanded
The Tomb-Robbers of Evendim Man Disbanded
The Mithril Guard Dwarven Disbanded
Order of the Boar Man Disbanded
Western Watchers Mixed Disbanded
The Bree Watchmen Man Disbanded
Istari Nalmë Elven Disbanded
Court of Miracles Mixed Disbanded
Pindon Village Hobbit Disbanded