The Combe Market - Monday

The Mayor of Bree has decided to hold a monthly trade fair in Combe!

March 8th, 2010 to December 14th, 2010
Combe Market, near stable master.

Event details:

The Mayor of bree has decided to revive the old tradition of the Combe market and to help with this has repealed the Vendor tax for two hours a week. All are welcome and it's Men and Hobbits that are mostly coming but don't be suprised to see a few Dwarves or even the occasional elf!

OOC details:

This market will be an RP equivalent of the AH. Jobs needed: Acrobats, Preformers, musicians etc. Traders and Pedlers with wares to sell A few guards to make sure nothing gets out of hand somone from the Combe and wattle to serve drinks and lots of people eager to buy goods and have a great time! (Gathering at 7 pm. 1st week on monday. And 3rd week on monday. So 2 times a month. Starting at 8 pm. Type /servertime )


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